Blacksburg, VA | June 3-6 2018


NIME 2018 is co-organized by Virginia Tech and University of Virginia. It will take place on Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, June 3-6, 2018. The conference theme is “Mirrored Resonances” with thematic areas including Telematics, Sonocybernetics, Immersive Environments, and Democratizing NIMEs.

“Mirrored Resonances” will feature NIME research using distance technology, telematics, remote human-computer interaction, and virtual embodied immersion. We will present network concerts between UVA and VT, and our concerts and select events will be live-streamed to the outside world. While the conference will take place physically at VT, we envision musicians at the two host universities performing several joint concerts across an Internet2 high-speed network connection. With this theme we would like to challenge the NIME community to imagine network music beyond connectivity, seeking new modes of interaction that defy physical separation. Our theme is intended as a source of inspiration, and will not dampen our excitement to showcase the wide variety of NIME research that may not fit the theme.

Conference participants will be able to make use of the new Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology and the Moss Arts Center facilities, including the Cube, Fife Theatre, Sandbox, Perform, Learning, and Create studios, as well as the Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio and select School of Performing Arts facilities. These spaces will be networked with University of Virginia’s OpenGrounds, Music & Motion Capture Lab, Telematic Stage and concert halls.