Blacksburg, VA | June 3-6 2018


Consistent with the positions of the leadership of both Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia, the American Association of University Professors, the ACLU, and many other organizations, the organizers of NIME 2018 support diversity of all kinds, including diversity of nationality and religion. We are unequivocally committed to the free exchange of knowledge, art, and community across national boundaries. We imagine a fully international conference that provides these humanistic benefits, and at the same time itself constitutes a gesture of inclusivity, broadly conceived. At the time of this writing, there have been several legal challenges to the Executive Order 13780, resulting in its non-enforcement. It is not clear how the situation will develop; however, the organizers of NIME 2018 encourage anyone who might be affected by the proposed ban to contact and work with us in support of your participation in the conference.


Ivica Ico Bukvic
Matthew Burtner


Luke Dahl
Tom Martin
Doug Bowman


Eric Lyon
Ted Coffee

Installation and Demo CO-CHAIRS

Thomas Tucker
Mona Kasra

Technical CO-CHAIRS

Tanner Upthegrove
Douglas Witney
Robert Gainer

Special Programs + Telematics CO-CHAIRS

Jon Catherwood-Ginn
Liesl Baum
Phyllis Newbill
Zachary Duer


Ruth Waalkes